Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pantry Organization

How embarrassing!  This is my corner pantry "before."  Actually what's more embarrassing is this is after I threw out all of the expired food and organized a little.  Seriously, there were things from 2007 in there.  Talk about gross!

My husband and I didn't purchase our house until 2009 so that means that we actually moved expired food!  Lesson learned for the next move...

No organization.  Things just stayed where I carelessly shoved them after coming home from the grocery store.

The worst place was the floor.  Honestly, can you tell what's trash and what's not?

So finally I got fed up with the pantry.  I'm a little fed up with the entire kitchen but I have to start somewhere and the pantry is a good spot.

I started by removing everything from the pantry and cleaning the shelves and the floor.  Ideally I would like to paint and install better shelving but that's for another day.

Then, I put large, non-food (at least non-human food) items on the floor.  I bought some bins for recycling (plastic grocery bags and egg cartons) and some for all of the dog stuff.  And there's a lot of that...

Next I put the cleaning and food storage items together.

I put breakfast items together to I'm not fumbling around in the morning trying to find something to eat. I also collected all of my baking ingredients into a bin so everything is easy to find.

Syrup and honey went into a tray.  Just in case the containers leak, it won't be a major cleanup job.

I used a couple of plate racks to hold my cook books.  The Jadeite cake plate is one of my favorite pieces so I put it where I would see it anytime I opened the pantry door.

The thing that I'm happiest about is being able to see the floor!

If you compare the last picture to the before picture, there's not really a dramatic transformation.  At least not looking at the picture.  It's more dramatic in person.  But it makes me a little happier :-)

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