Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Splurge

Like many couples getting married my husband and I registered for some pots and pans.  Before we were married we only had the cast offs from relatives that we had used in college.  Well, our friends and family came through and gave us all of the cookware we could want.  We had registered for teflon coated cookware.  Teflon is great because it's really easy to clean.

But.... after five years of cooking acidic foods (I love tomatoes), the pots and pans had seen better days.  My husband, being the primary cook in the family (me being the primary baker) decided he wanted to get some nice new pots and pans.

We went to Williams Sonoma to look at what they had.  My husband was looking at some traditional metal pots when I spotted these gorgeous butter yellow (actually the color's name is "Quince") beauties.  Okay, had to have it.  The first thing we bought was the small pot in the lower right corner in the picture above.  But after tossing and turning all night dreaming about the rest of the collection, we went back the next day and bought the rest.

I also had to grab the matching bakeware while I was there.

The miniature pots are so cute!  I had to do something with them immediately so I made a vanilla and nutmeg custard.

What I love about Le Creuset is that it lasts forever!  My husband's grandmother actually gave us some of her Le Creuset which is pictured below.

This collection is from the 70's.  Proof this stuff lasts!

While at one of the antique stores I frequent, I found this for $25!!!  Are you kidding me???  Do they know how much this stuff costs new?  Major score!

At least I shouldn't have to buy any pots and pans for a long time (or for the rest of my life according to my husband).  But I'm still keeping my eye out for new items in the bakeware category ;-)


Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post for either Williams Sonoma nor Le Creuset.  These opinons are my own.

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